“To Measure is to Know”

Lord Kelvin
Meet Lord Kelvin — all around cool guy. See what I did there?  Lord Kelvin is known for discovering the lower temperture limit, absolute zero, and units of of absolute temperature are named “kelvin” in his honor.

More on topic, Lord Kelvin is credited with two of my favorite quotes.  “To measure is to know,” and “If you can not measure it, you can not improve it.”

Serious gold earners need tools for measuring their progress.  There are many things to track, but the most basic ability you need to start is a way to track your gold balance over time.

I like to be able to get a quick overview of my gold balance all the time.  Trade skill master’s accounting module and auctioneer’s beancounter are big, all-in-one solutions that allow you to pretty much get any data you want about your sales and gold balance.  I use TSM:accounting for deep analysis, but for everyday, every minute use, I like Auditor.  In the author’s own words:

“Auditor is a nifty addon that tracks your incoming and outgoing money from a variety of sources, and provides an easy to use Data Broker interface to choose whose data you would like to look at, and for what time period.”

Auditor Display

Once you install Auditor, activate it and log into each of your characters, it starts tracking all gold related activity in real time.  At any time you can mouse over the auditor tag on your toolbar and you’ll get a tool tip like this one with an overall gold activity summary for a given timeframe.  You can select different timeframes and either view a single character or all character totals.

Lib Data Broker

There is one complication I believe keeps auditor from becoming a much more popular addon.  It uses the Lib Data Broker interface to display this tool tip and therefore to use Auditor you must have a Lib Data Broker display addon installed as well.  These addons provide you with toolbars you can customize and use to organize the data displayed on your UI.  For example, these bars provide an alternative to the overcrowded mini-map icon mess.  I currently use docking station as my LDB display, however it is getting a little outdated and it’s not on curse.  TitanPanel and ChocolateBar are other alternatives, however I’ve not tried them (yet).  You can find more information about Lib Data Broker and LDB display addons here.

It’s worth taking the plunge.  Once you have a LDB display you’ll find that many of your addons can use it to display information.  And just having auditor makes it worth the effort for the serious gold earner.


4 thoughts on ““To Measure is to Know”

  1. I’m a heavy Auditor user too, and just love it for keeping track of the basics.

    What I’d love those is a real financial reporting app with all my data in a spreadsheet like format so that I can what the real profit makers are.

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