Sunday Blog Post Roundup Vol. 5

What a week — the blog-o-sphere is on fire with good stuff to read.  Hang with me to the very end of this list, they are all excellent.

The Gold Queen posted a tip on how to “shuffle” leather.  It’s actually a type of currency arbitrage, and a good, easy tip.  Check the prices on your server before you jump in.

Croda at marketsforgold had two really good posts — one on how to get a guild bank (which actually points out there are some downsides to it) and one that shows exactly how they evaluate items for flipping potential, step by step.

Jim Younkin from Power Word: Gold posted a list of exactly what money making professions he’d recommend you have depending on how many characters you have to work with.

Mommar from Just My Two Copper didn’t use the words “business process” in his post, but that’s exactly what he was talking about when he posted about keeping a list of daily activities.

Faid from clockworkriot wrote two great inscription related posts.  The first was on preparation for MoP, and the second was on tactics for dealing with competition in the glyph market.

Staying on the topic of dealing with competition for a moment, on Phat Lewt’s Gold Blog, Mr. Lewt’s wrote a simple post about the basic ways gold earners track the activity of other sellers.

On ALT:ernative, The Godmother posted an excellent take on Blizzard’s new guild mentoring program.  I, however, took something else away from the post — her list of questions used when interviewing potential guild members.  I always say when I’m looking for people to work with, the only two really important qualifications are that they are cool and smart — most of the rest you can teach.

Focushot from Hunter Mastery shared a list of 10 gold making tips.  They are specific ideas for products you might not have considered.

Finally last but certainly NOT least, Cold from Cold’s Gold Factory gave his opinion on why the old gold earning cliche “buy low, sell normal” is a joke.  Also make sure to check out all the great posts that were entered into Cold’s Gold Blogging Carnival for July.


Sunday Blog Post Roundup Vol. 4

Lots of interesting stuff this week.

WoW Insider featured two interesting posts about gold sinks.  In a WoW Archivist post, Scott Andrews wrote about the history of gold sinks in WoW, and Olivia Grace followed with a post on gold sinks and entitlement.  I like to call them rewards for gold earning, but that’s just me.

Hunter Mastery is not “just a hunter blog”.  Focushot is a serious gold earner and his post this week sharing his TSM shopping list for 77-80 green items got me to try my had at that market on my own server.  I’ll let you know how it goes.

Hunter Mastery was in my google reader list but it didn’t hit my radar until I heard Focushot on the latest episode of the Power Word: Gold Podcast.  Jim Younkin turned a live stream conversation with Focushot and Farli from The Overcut into a very informative podcast.  Best of all, Jim is not afraid to tell you when markets or gold earning tactics he tried didn’t work for him.  It’s a great listen.

Vile over at Vile’s Golden Auctions writes a great post about protecting your WoW account.  You can never be too careful about Frinka’s Rule #0.  One thing I’d add that he didn’t mention (I don’t think…..) is you should avoid logging into WoW or from a public or shared computer.

A newer blog for me is Portal Market.  This week DerBanker posts part 5 of 5 of a great series on pricing and your realm’s population.  Go back and read them all it’s great fundamental information.

Croda at marketsforgold had two posts that caught my eye.  First one on how they determine a minimum amount of gold they want to make per hour.  This fits nicely into a process oriented view of gold earning — you can evaluate the value of each activity by a method like this.  They also write about the real life value of in game gold.

Sunday Blog Post Roundup: Vol. 3

Back after a short vacation and way behind on my blog reading.  Here are a few of last weeks posts that caught my eye as interesting.

Twitchie over at Twitchie Enterprises reviews their June sales data — it’s a great example of how we should all analyze our sales and be data-driven.

Mommar at Just My Two Copper writes an interesting post about their MoP prep checklist.  Good thoughts on token and point prep — you should make your own list like this based on your goals.  They also link other posts on MoP prep at the end of the article, all are worth a read.

Kuja at Kuja’s Gold Mine writes a detailed post on how to make gold soloing Naxxramas.  This is an interesting way to make gold and change things up if you are tired of standing in the auction house.

The Gold Queen writes an extensive guide to undercutting strategies.  This summary gives all the pros and cons so you can decide what works for you.

Love The Godmother’s post on ALT:ernative about manipulating marketsa.  Very thought provoking read.

Sunday from the Archives: Maintenance Window Tactics

I’m away from home this weekend in real life, so I haven’t kept up with my blog reading.  Instead of a normal blog roundup I offer this — a re-post of the very first Warcraft Street post, about maintenance window tactics.  I’m sure most of you weren’t reading way back then, a whole month ago.

It’s Sunday, so you have time to put this information to use before the Tuesday/Wednesday weekly window. I won’t even make you click — here’s the post in it’s entirety.

Most regular auction house players have a daily routine — Wake up, log in, start a scan, put on some coffee, etc.  However each week we’re faced with a regular maintenance window (Tuesday mornings in North America) which can interrupt this cycle.  So what’s the best way to manage your routine around this scheduled downtime?

  1. Be aware of the schedule.  Recently the server status forum moderators have gotten very good about posting the maintenance plan ahead of time in North America at least.  Some weeks there will be only rolling restarts, meaning each realm will be down for only a few minutes.  Other weeks there may be longer windows starting at 3 am or 5 am and scheduled for up to 8 hours.  Check the service status forum the day before and plan based on the information there.  Sometimes the plans change, but lately the information there has been pretty accurate.  Also, be sure to note the time zone and adjust the schedule in your mind to your local or server time properly.
  2. Know how downtime affects auction times.  The bottom line here is that the clock on auctions keeps ticking during the downtime.  This means that if an auction is posted at 9 pm on Monday for 12 hours and there is maintenance on Tuesday morning until 11 am, when the servers come back up those auctions will be expired.
  3. Adjust your auction postings.  For items where the auction posting fee is a significant factor in your profit margin, consider holding items and posting them after the servers come back up.  After all, why pay a fee for time when no one will be able to buy your items?  However for many items with very low posting fees (glyphs, scrolls, enchanting materials, etc) it may be advantageous to lengthen your post times before the downtime to ensure that when the servers come back up, you have items ready for eager buyers.  Competitor’s items may expire and you’ll be there to grab the business.  Finally, you may want to review auctions with bids pending and make sure you don’t want to cancel them — if your auction expires during the downtime the last bid will win.
  4. Check for bidding opportunities. While the clock may be your enemy where auction house posting fees are concerned, it can be your friend when bidding on items.  If you bid on items, be sure to check for good opportunities on items where the auction time will expire during (or largely be eaten by) the downtime.
  5. Accept when plans change.  It happens — servers may come back up earlier than scheduled or they may be down for much longer than planned.   So if you can keep an eye on the server status, react accordingly.

A lot of what you can do depends on your personal schedule.  Not everyone can be online right before or right after the maintenance window.  But adding some easy planning around the maintenance window to your existing knowledge of your own products, markets, and margins can allow you to find a new way to optimize your profits.

Sunday Blog Post Roundup: Vol. 2

This week’s Sunday blog post roundup brought to you by the letter g…

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Sunday Blog Post Roundup

Part of the process of jumping into blogging for me has been to subscribe to and read as many other related blogs as I can.  Every Sunday morning I’ll highlight some interesting posts from the past week that relate to gold earning, professions, or addons in WoW.

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