Reward of the Week: Turbo-charged Flying Machine

To have fun and keep motivated it’s critical to set goals and reward ourselves.  It’s easy to forget the reward part.  I want Warcraft Street to be different from other gold earning blogs by putting more emphasis on how to spend gold and have fun.  Think of this as my version of Phat Loot Friday.

Some friends of mine took a trip to India one summer during college.  They were traveling on a budget but luckily one of the guys was from India so he guided them to interesting, inexpensive activities that most tourists don’t know about.  One day they spent 15 or 20 minutes arguing over whether to buy first-class or coach train tickets until someone stepped back and realized the difference was around 10 cents in US currency.

I’ve wanted a Turbo-charged Flying Machine forever, but my engineer is an alt and I just don’t often spend a ton of money on mounts or pets for alts.  The other day I saw one on the auction house and it just dawned on me that for me, the 4,800g was sorta similar to the 10 cents.  And just to be sure I quickly checked what the materials would cost for me to craft my own and on my server at present they were more expensive.  So heck, I rewarded myself, and I’m so glad I did.

Turbo-charged Flying Machine
It’s worth noting that the profession mounts like Turbo-charged Flying Machine and Magnificent Flying Carpet aren’t on the current list floating around of non-account-wide mounts in MoP.   It seems like they should be still profession restricted, but who knows?  I’ll try to find out, and post an update, or please post in the comments below if you’ve heard.

Reminder: Go to the Darkmoon Faire

Please excuse my tardiness.  It’s my first month blogging, and it didn’t occur to me right away to remind everyone that the Darkmoon Faire is in town this week.  This month the faire ends on Saturday, June 9th at 11:59 pm server time, and does not return again until Sunday July 1st at 12:00 am server time.

In case you’ve never tried the faire before, WoW Insider offers this wonderful guide that explains it all.

Besides being a good change of pace at this time when many players are experiencing an end of the expansion lack of enthusiasm, the faire is of special interest to anyone who has characters with professions below max level.  Faire vendors offer a special quest for each profession that you can complete once per month to receive prize tickets, tokens, gold/XP, reputation, and +5 skill points in the related profession.

  1. You need a minimum profession skill of 75 to obtain these quests.  So do that!
  2. Make sure you have trained sufficiently to receive the +5 skill.  For example, if you are 149/150 in cooking, visit the cooking trainer to raise your cap to 225 before you do the quest.
  3. Some of the quests require materials that you can’t obtain on  Darkmoon Island.  Here’s a list of what to take with you if you have these professions. (The other quests have no outside material requirements)
  4. Make sure you take the items you need to perform your professions if you don’t normally have them in your bags.  For example, grab that fishing pole!  (I’m not sure if you need the items for all other professions, but better safe than sorry.)
  5. Just like a daily quest, when you complete these quests you should make sure to remember to turn them in before the faire ends.  If you are holding a completed quest when the faire ends you lose a chance to complete it for the month.  You’ll be able to turn it when the faire comes back, but that will count as your completion for next month.

Profession quests (primary)

Profession quests (secondary)