Tastes Like Battle Chicken July Blogging Challenge

I admit it.  I copped out.  I had planned to write for Ambermist’s June Challenge but I just could not think of a story that was worthy to tell.  It completely stumped me.  You may know Ambermist and not realize it — she’s the blogger who wrote about her astonishingly poor customer service experience when she was unjustly banned from SWTOR.

Her proposed topic for July is one I simply can’t cop out on:

It’s nice to sometimes get a glimpse into the writer behind the blog, the person behind the character. So here’s your challenge: give me a detail about  yourself. Obviously, not everyone’s comfortable being super personal online or on a gaming-related blog, so the way you go with this is completely at your discretion.

A few possible things of interest come to mind.  The first is that I’m a bit older than most “gamers”.  I’m nearly 48.  And I’m a woman.  The name Frinka comes from my college days — I lived in an on campus house that had a mythical founding family with the surname Frink.  The ‘a’ on the end was added by me in an attempt to make the name feminine.

I’m not a real gamer in the sense most people mean the word, even though I’ve played games for a long time.  The first video games I remember playing a lot were on the Atari 2600.  I loved playing Breakout.  Eventually I got a Nintendo and I recall playing The Legend of Zelda a fair bit, but oddly I don’t remember much else about the NES.

What was a huge development in my gaming history was when the house I lived in at college got an IBM PC, one of the very very first ones.  There was only one and it was in our house’s “library” (ie, the room full of book shelves).  This was in 1983 I think.  There was a game on that computer called Rogue.  We were all so enthralled with that game that people would sit for hours just watching other people play it.  It was an adventure dungeon type game with a map created from ASCII text that you slowly uncovered as you roamed around killing monsters.  It had an exploit where if you wielded food you were invincible.  Does anyone else remember that?

Since then there is a short list of games I’ve actually had relationships with.  They include: Myst, Riven, the SimCity series, The Sims, Civ III, Civ IV, Rollercoaster Tycoon, EverQuest and WoW.  I have a soft spot for simulation games — can’t wait for the new SimCity!

There were attempts at trying other huge PC games like Elder Scrolls, Doom and Unreal.  But I just don’t get them — I never seem to get past the opening sequence basically.  They don’t click.  When I stepped into EverQuest something did click.

And that brings me here.  Thanks again Ambermist for your wonderful blog for this great blogging challenge.  Keep them coming and next time if I get stumped I’ll write about why I’m stumped.