Rule #0, How Could I Forget

Credit where credit is due.  Mommar at Just My Two Copper reminded me today of my WoW gold making rule #0.

Thou shall have an authenticator.

How could I forget?  How could that not be the subject of my very first post on gold making?  How could it not be my first post about WoW in general?  Do I even need to say “Don’t share your account with another person for any reason”?  Just don’t — don’t get me started.  And follow the end-user legal agreements like the Terms of Use and the EULA.

As many people return to the game after a long absence or come to WoW for the first time, they don’t realize the true vulnerability of their virtual assets.  I think most people who’ve been playing for a while have wised up, either because they’ve been hacked or they’ve seen it happen to a friend.  But there may be some of you out there who’ve just been lucky.

In any case, if you start, resume or continue playing WoW and take up gold making as one of your in-game activities you’ll want to have an authenticator.  Posting on the auction house raises the profile of your character on your realm, and even if you are the most polite auction house player ever, someone will either not like something you do, or simply see you as a soft target.  Your time is valuable and you should protect it by keeping your account safe.

If you don’t have one already, go right this very second to, learn about it and get it set up.  You can either buy a key-chain style one, which will take a few days to arrive, or you can download an application for your smart phone.

Make sure to take down the serial number provided and keep that separate from the key-chain or phone in a safe place.  That serial number will allow you to call into customer service if you lose the device or need to otherwise do something when you don’t have access to your authenticator.

Have fun and be safe out there.