Reward of the Week: Pimp Your Guild

“It’s better to give than to receive.”  Do you find this to be true?  Sometimes it’s hard to truly feel rewarded by giving something away, but in this case I think most people would.  Consider rewarding yourself for achieving that hard earned gold goal by giving some of that gold to your guild.

By “your guild” I don’t really mean your bank alt, storage, or vanity guild.  I’m thinking more of a guild that your main or other active character plays, raids, PvPs and/or socializes in.  In most cases your “main guild” has helped you achieve your goals via guild perks, etc, so giving back some just makes sense.  But more importantly, you can buy things for the guild that will make it more fun for all members, including yourself.

One option is to just donate some gold to the guild bank straight out.  This money could be used in anyway the GM sees fit — funding repairs, buying supplies, etc.  If you give the gold without specifying how it should be used, you should be prepared to accept the GMs decision even if it’s not how you would spend it.  Think through how you’ll feel and consider what you know about your GM before you proceed.

Another way you could go is to buy items to donate to the guild — raid consumables, enchanting supplies, materials required for an achievement, or even BoE gear that you know people need.  This way you control exactly how the gold is spent.  You could also offer the money for a specific purpose, like buying an additional bank tab.

When you decide to give a gift like this consider how it will be perceived and your relationships with the people involved.  You may want to give anonymously to the degree possible.  And just like in real life, don’t give if you really don’t want to.  Don’t expect anything in return and don’t be resentful when people don’t seem grateful enough.  Give the gift, enjoy the benefits it brings, and feel pride in knowing that your persistence enabled you and the people you play with to have a little more fun.


Blog Azeroth Shared Topic: Desire

The Blog Azeroth shared topic for June 18 – June 24 is:

What is in game that you want, but you can’t have? Is there an animal you want to tame, a critter you want to collect, a tabard that has the perfect design for a transmog set etc etc.

I thought of three things, all seeming unobtainable for different reasons.

  1. The Salty title — “Salty Frinka” would be the title awarded if I could ever get the accomplished angler achievement.  I’m embarrassed to say I have 8 alts with maxed fishing but I simply can’t win a fishing tournament to save my bacon.  The master angler of azeroth requirement is the only one I’m missing.  I’ll keep trying, but it feels hopeless.
  2. The Fox KitThe fox kit is described by some as the toughest farm item in the game, and I just have had no luck.  For the time being I’ve taken a break from trying.  I did the same thing (taking a break) when I was going for the sea turtle mount, but I eventually buckled down and got it.
  3. The forty person raiding experience — This is probably the only item on my list that I can truly never have.  Although I had three 60s I didn’t raid in vanilla.  My social guild did clear Karazahn in BC but we only dabbled into Gruul’s Lair with barely 25 mostly under-geared characters.  My experience with 25s in WotLK was unpleasant, it felt like herding rats, but that was when we were trying to do both 10s and 25s in the same week.  My guess is I’d hate even semi-serious 40-person raiding over the long term, but I’d really like to try it once with a good group at the level and gear that it was designed for.



Rewards: Potential Gold Achievements

I listened to an episode of the Legendary podcast from TankSpot the other day where they discussed at length the black market auction house that popped up on the MoP Beta servers recently.  One of the hosts, Lore, kept referring to players that might frequent the new auction house using phrases like “people who just happen to have 200k gold.”  I know it was not intentional, but the phrasing implies that making that much disposable gold is easy, and that it’s not as impressive a game activity as obtaining PvP titles or raid achievements are.  The conversation reminded me that I want to write often about not just the grind of gold making but how to reap its rewards and make it really fun.

Some of the most basic rewards the game offers are achievements, but there really aren’t that many at the moment offered for gold making or the auction house.  There are a number of profession achievements, but not nearly as many as some other activities offer.

Of course, it would be unwise to introduce achievements for gold hording, or to encourage bad behavior on the auction house.  (Although, I could argue that some of the PvP rewards encourage bad PvP behavior, especially in battle grounds.)  Also, experience from when the armory was introduced proves that many players want to keep the specifics of their in game wealth private.  So while I’m torn, I agree with the game designers so far that there shouldn’t be an achievement for gold capping (graphic above aside).

That said there are some achievements that could be added to recognize the efforts of gold makers.  The introduction of account wide achievements in MoP increases the possibilities.  Doing so would enhance the motivation of would-be gold makers, make setting goals easier, and make gold making a lot more fun.  Here are a few of my ideas — most could have multiple levels over time, like the gold looting achievements do now, so the exact numbers are just place holders.

  • Step into the market  Post one auction on the auction house.
  • Gold digger  Collect 10 gold from auction house sales.
  • Can’t buy me love  Spend 10 gold on the auction house.
  • The first cut  Pay 10 gold in auction house sales fees and/or lost deposits.
  • One man’s trash  Sell 10 gold worth of items to vendor NPCs.
  • Neither rain, nor sleet….  Open one in game mail
  • Random acts of kindness  Give another player at least 100 gold via trade for nothing in return
  • Trading with the enemy  Post one auction on the neutral auction house
  • Past its expiration date  Have one 48 hour auction posted on the neutral auction house naturally expire
  • I’ve looked at life from both sides now  Achieve level 85 (or 90) on at least one character from each faction (I know, it’s not a gold one but I like the name.)
  • Jack of all trades  Obtain Illustrious Grand Master (or the new MoP top level) in every primary profession on at least one character.
  • A walk, spoiled  Max archeology on more than one character.
  • Too much time on my hands  Max fishing on more than one character.

I could go on but you get the idea.  What are your ideas?