Ackis Recipe List Guide


Ackis Recipe List (ARL) provides you with a searchable, in-game database of all tradeskill recipes.  It scans your tradeskills to determine which ones you already have and therefore allows you to create a list of those you still need.  The database includes information on where/how each recipe is obtained.  ARL works with all tradeskills including runeforging.

Where to get it:

How to use it:

After installing and activating ARL, open a tradeskill window and press the new “scan” button located in the upper right.

Ackis Recipe List

ARL will scan your tradeskill and open another window for you to use to search its database.  Use the arrow button in the upper right to open the filter options.

Ackis Recipe List

Ackis Recipe List

The buttons on the upper right allow you to set filters on what recipes will appear in the left-side window.  Available filters include:

  • Faction
  • Known/only unknown
  • Retired (no longer available)
  • Specialties (ie, include goblin engineering even if you are gnomish)
  • Skill level (include recipes you can’t learn yet)
  • Class
  • How the recipe is acquired (ie, discovery, drop, trainer, vendor, etc)
  • Expansion in which the recipe was included
  • Item BoE/BoP
  • Recipe BoE/BoP
  • Armor slot
  • Bags
  • Materials
  • Item Enhancements
  • Miscellaneous
  • Quality (common, uncommon, rare, epic)
  • Role (tank, healer, damage, melee)
  • Expansion in which the reputation was introduced

The three tabs on the bottom left control how the results you see in the left window are ordered, either by how you obtain the recipe, where you obtain the recipe, or by recipe name/skill level.  By expanding the list on the right you will be able to see the exact details on how to obtain the recipe down to the coordinate locations of vendors.


The developers state that they attempt to integrate ARL with other tradeskill addons, however this is not always possible.  Frinka uses it regularly with TSM and has no issues.  Although not tested by Frinka, ARL reportedly also plays well with Advanced Trade Skill Window and Skillet.   If you have problems with ARL, try disabling your other trade skill addons and see what happens.


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