Frinka’s Addon List

Simply a list of the addons currently used by Frinka. ** indicates there is a Warcraft Street addon reference page for this addon.

Auction House, Inventory, and Profession related

Name Description
Ackis Recipe List ** Scans your professions and lets you know how and where to obtain recipes.
TradeSkillMaster  A large, modular auction house suite focused on buying, manufacturing and selling.  Installation of specific modules and the core development is required.  Frinka uses TSM to price, post, and determine a build list for glyphs and scrolls as well as to buy herbs.
Auditor Tracks incoming and outgoing gold sources over time on all characters and provides a simple LibDataBroker display.
MailOpener Automation for opening all the mail in your mailbox.
GatherMate2 Tracks and marks the location of gathering nodes on your map/mini-map. Use GatherMate2_Data to import known locations. (Similar to Gatherer, but “lighter” and being maintained.)
Auctioneer The original, venerable auction house suite. Frinka only still uses it for the improvements it provides for the main auction house window, which she got used to and can’t abandon.
Archy Improved archeology interface, which can guide you to the nearest new site using an interface to TomTom.
Altoholic Tracks everything you need to know about all your characters. Frinka’s main use for it is the inventory tooltip, which let’s you know which alt has that needed item in their bag or bank.
AdiBags A great, out of the box inventory addon with lots of configurability if you should need it.

Combat and Raid

Name Description
ShadowTimers A Dot Timer for Shadow Priests.
Recount Graphical in-game damage meter.
Quartz A modular cast bar addon. Interestingly, Quartz will calculate how long multiple profession casts will take, like making 100 blackfallow inks.
Omen Threat Meter Your basic in-game threat meter. Almost not needed anymore between the default UI threat alerts and changes to threat mechanics.
HealBot Continued A configurable healing interface that works out of the box to provide a point and click healing UI.
DoTimer A simple configurable dot timer that handles multiple targets.
Decursive Point and click, configurable decursing interface.
Deadly Bodd Mods Provides boss alerts for all raid bosses.

General UI Improvements

Name Description
WIM (WoW Instant Messenger) V3 Gives in game whispers more of an instant messenger feel, including popping up a separate window for conversations if so configured. Makes it harder to miss a whisper.
TravelAgent Provides information on each zone, like approximate level and instances, in LibDataBroker format.
TomTom Sort of like a GPS for WoW. Provides coordinate information, setting waypoints, and an arrow to follow. Integrates to a lot of other addons like Archy.
SocaiState A LibDataBroker display for your friend and guild list.
PitBull Unit Frames 4.0 A general unit frames addon. Frinka hates configuring unit frames addons so just keeps using this and copying the configuration.
FriendsWithBenefits Simply syncs your friends lists across characters. Out of the box perfect!
Chinchilla Minimap Allows you to configure the minimap appearance.
Bartender4 A full action bar replacement addon.
Addon Mgr Allows you to activate or deactivate installed addons in game (you have to reload the UI for changes to take effect.)
DockingStation A lib data broker bar addon, sorta like fubar if you remember that one.

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