Fishing Basics and Reference

El’s Extreme Anglin’.  Enough said!

Seriously, El’s is your one stop shop for WoW fishing information, and there is no need to re-invent the wheel here.  Frinka loves fishing and may occasionally make a topical post related to the subject, but El’s is the place for basic information and reference.  Here are some of my most frequently used links:

Fish finder — Search El’s database by fish, pool, zone, or cooked dish name.

Locations listed by no junk level — Since patch 3.3 you can fish anywhere at any skill level, but you may not want to because you will catch a lot of vendor trash.  This table shows the locations for each skill level where you will be successful on every cast.

Leveling guides — El provides several guides depending on your goals while leveling — speed, to make the most gold, etc.  I like the fishing and cooking together guides for alts. (Yes, Frinka levels fishing on her alts…..)

Trainer list — Even El links to this official list in Blizzard’s game guide.

El’s Mists of Pandaria information — Lot’s of exciting additions, new equipment, a new faction, even a raft “mount” you can fish from.

WowHead’s Mists of Pandaria: Fishing Preview — Very nice summary of all that is new.



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